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Chile, Day 6

April 3, 2010

March 12, 2010  

We had a meeting at the Church, where we were introduced to Pastor Richard Faundez from the Valparaiso Church of the Nazarene. The team was originally scheduled to do some work on the Valparaiso Church, but the Pastor, who is a policeman, had time off scheduled to work with some of us on the project. He was called to duty due to the earthquake so we were unable to work on that project.  

He came to Vina del Mar to try to persuade us to move out of the Hotel in case of another earthquake which could cause a tsunami. After some discussion we all decided to head everyone’s advise. Pastor Sergio Matus and his wife Marie, from Vina del Mar, had contacted members of the Church and arranged for us all to move in with local parishioners as guests in their house. It’s easy to see how God looks out for his people in need.  

I was invited to move in with Jose Rene Ramirez Munoz, is wife Carmen and son Jose. Although I speak little Spanish and Carmen spoke a little English we found with the help of a dictionary we were able get by. It turns out they were kind, thoughtful Christian people who did everything within their power to make me feel welcome.  

Jose Rene, Jose, me and Carmen

Then it was back to work. We were able to remove the forms from the center support post in the brick wall and were able to complete the decking on the second floor. We formed up the concrete post on each end of the brick wall. We poured concrete in one post and ran out of stones for the concrete. We thought we were done, but our prayers were answered again as someone discovered several five gallon buckets full of stones. We were able to complete the last support post before the day was over.  

Wall with all posts poured

The stairs continued to progress.  


At the end of the day we had supper practiced some songs we will sing at the Sunday service at the Valparaiso Church. The food continues to be excellent as we get a mix of American and Chilean food.  

Missionaries Tim & Susan

  Then it was back to our new home for the night. 

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