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Chile, Day’s 4 & 5

April 1, 2010

Wednesday March 10, 2010  

When we got back to the hotel Tuesday, we had no water, so no showers or cleanup. The neighborhood here was noisy, we spent the night listening to drums, dogs barking and a lot of partying. In the morning it was decided to move to a better neighborhood.  

They found us a hotel in a better area. This was a hotel the team had used before so we moved. This Hotel had its own water supply and was in a quiet neighborhood. 
So on Wednesday it was back to work. We layed another seven courses of bricks. We also found out the structure to support the floor was not installed correctly so construction on that stopped until this could be fixed.  

Steel Re-Rod in Brick Wall


The platform in the church progressed and was starting to look good.  

Platform Progressing


One of the guys from Chicago was a carpenter and started building the stairs to the second floor.  

Starting the Stairs to the Second Story


We continued to have aftershocks from the earthquake every day, but most of them were not noticable if you were not sitting down.  

All was good at the hotel. We were able to shower and get a good nights sleep. We also had some time in the evening to walk around town. We found an ice cream shop and a small market where we bought some souvenirs.  

Walking in the Park


Back to work on Thursday March 11, 2010.  

We finished laying bricks on the wall. The problem with the second floor support was resolved by the local contractor, so construction of the floor could continue.  

Brick Wall Complete


The platform in the Church was almost finished. It just needed some facing and carpet to complete it.  

The teens take over the Platform


In the late morning we had a 5.0 aftershock, then in the afternoon we had a 7.2 earthquake. This shook everything. The wall we were working moved back and forth. The light poles swayed back and forth ten or twelve inches. It only lasted less than a minute, but was scary. They issued a tsunami warning for the coastal towns, but fortunately there was no tsunami. We found out later the epicenter was about fifty miles south of us.  

We were told that the hotel we were staying at was only about 20 meters above sea level and the main road to the hotel came directly from the Pacific coast. If there was a tsunami we could be in danger. We decided to stay in the hotel at least one more night before making a decision. We were shown an evacuation route, outside the Hotel and up a stairway to the top of a hill, in case of another earthquake.

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