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Chile, Days 2 and 3

April 1, 2010

Chile is a modern country with many tall buildings, good roads and busy streets with lots of cars. The city of Vina del Mar starts on the Pacific coast and rises up the mountain sides, most of the houses are built on the side of the mountain causing the roads to be up and down like a rollercoaster. We passed many grape vineyards on the way from Santiago to Vina del Mar. The Nazarene Church is located about four miles from the Hotel, so we have a bus ride to the Church each morning and evening. All of the meals are served at the Church. 

So it’s up in the morning with the team. We take a bus from the Hotel to the Church. We are told there will be no water in this part of the city because of repairs being done due to the earthquake. A decision is made to purchase a small children’s swimming pool and fill it with water so we can continue to mix mortar for the brick wall we will be building.We are divided into three groups. One building a platform in the church, the second starting the floor for the second story and the third group laying blocks for the wall on the second story. Two if us were assigned to build a brick wall with two other people assigned to mixing mortar. 
The platform lumber arrived and the team started on that project. 

Material for platform

By days end the platform starts to take shape.

Platform progress

Another team is working on floor joists for the second floor, which will be housing for visiting pastors and a seminary for students.

Second Floor

We also got a start on the brick wall. The foundation was already done we just needed to lay a nine foot tall wall on top of the first story foundation. We were told to only lay seven courses a day to allow the mortar to cure.

Foundation for Brick Wall

At the end of the first day we had the start of a wall. There were steel re-bar posts that went the height of the wall and would be filled with concrete when the wall was done. This will help to make the wall earthquake-proof.

Start of the Wall

 All meals were served at the Church. Meals are prepaired by the women from Chicago, church members and the Pastors family. 

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