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Chile 2010 The Begining

March 26, 2010

Well it was a long wait to find out if we would be able to go to Chile after the earthquake. We finally got permission to go two days before we were to leave. It’s good to have God on our side.

I left Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport on March 7, 2010. I met the group of Nazarenes from the Chicago area in the Atlanta airport, where we boarded a flight to Santiago, Chile. We arrived in Santiago the morning of the 8th. where the airport terminal was closed due to damage from the earthquake. They had tents set up for customs and immigrations. We all made it through with no trouble.

Vina del Mar (Vineyard of the Sea)

We then waited for a bus to pick us up for the trip to Vina del Mar which was about a two-hour ride to the Pacific coast. We all checked into a Hotel and then proceeded to the church.

The Road to Vina del Mar

Our project in the Vina del Mar church of the Nazarene was to add a second story to the back of the church, add a stage for the preacher and singers to the inside of the church and do some painting and electrical work to the building.

Church of the Nazarene

Lunch with the team

After lunch we got started. I was given a job helping lay a brick wall for the second story. Had supper at the church and then off to the hotel for a good nights sleep.

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