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Peru The End

February 27, 2010

January 18, 2010  

I got up in the morning in Iquitos and had breakfast at the hotel. I am still not feeling good, and all food tastes bad. Talked to Dr. Garman. He felt I was just exhausted and dehydrated. He said that when you get over tired from working you liver and kidneys doesn’t want to work right and it take a couple of days of rest and drinking fluids to recover. Based on this I decided to stick around the hotel, watch some TV, drink lots of water and just take it easy. I went out for ice cream, but other than that I rested most of the day.  

The group was offered a trip to the harbor on the Amazon River to see how people travel up and down the river on freighters.  

Some of the people went to the zoo then went to a wood carving market where they carve things from a bright red wood called bloodwood. Addie was nice enough to find me a beautiful bowl made of this wood. They say it is so tight grained you can use it for both hot and cold food and it will not damage the wood. Bloodwood is very hard to find which makes it special.  

By evening I was feeling a little better and went out for a chicken dinner with the group. Then off to bed.  


January 19, 2010  

Still not feeling the best so I took it easy most of the day. We had devotions in the morning where we heard story’s from all of the people who had not participated yet. What a wonderful group of people who came together to do God’s work at the expense of giving up their time and money to insure people of Peru have the opportunity to hear the story of Jesus Christ and learn the way to eternal life through faith in Him.  

We also heard part of the story of Larry, and Addie Graman. They spent more than 40 years in the jungle running a medical clinic for the  local Indian tribes. What a story, with three children and the many hardships they endured helping bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people. After their retirement, in their seventy’s, they still lead Work and Witness team, building churches throughout the Amazon River Basin. To date they have lead over 200 teams in Peru.  

Larry & Addie

I am feeling a little better so I go walking in the city where I find a museum inside of the old governors mansion. The doors and all of the woodwork including a hand carved stairway to the second floor are all made of mahogany. In the museum they have life-size statues of each of the native Indians. This was an example of the riches of the city in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s when the city of Iquotis was the rubber capital of the world.  

Once I left there, I walked to the market place where they had almost anything you can imagine. Any kind of meat, poultry, fish, fruit, clothes, shoes, hats, etc. that you can imagine.  There wasn’t much prepackaged food here. It was interesting to see how they do their grocery shopping and how they make a living selling their products.  

The Market in Iquitos




More Fish

January 20, 2010  

Up at six in the morning, breakfast at the hotel. We do a little last-minute shopping and get packed for the journey home. Off to the Airport in the afternoon, pay our exit fee and wait for the airplane. We leave on time for Lima where we will have several hour layover. As we fly out of Iquitos where we can see some to the rivers that drain the rain forest winding their way to the Amazon. Later we see the snow-capped peaks of the Andes just before we get to Lima.  Then off to Miami.    

The Andes

January 21, 2010    

Arrive in Miami in the morning where we each went out own way. Said goodbye to the group and waited for my flight to Atlanta. I got to Atlanta on time, but after a several hour layover, the flight was delayed. We finally left for Phoenix to land in the dessert, but just to show me God has a sense of humor, the airport in Phoenix was closed due to rain and wind. We flew on to Sault Lake City where we waited for several hours. We finally got clearance to fly to Phoenix and landed around 11:00 PM. After being up over 40 hours I was ready for bed. My neighbor and his wife picked me up and drove me home.    

All I can say is what an adventure. I count my blessings every day that God would grant me the privilege of doing his work and deliver me safely home. It is truly an answer to my prayers, being able to visit people in places like Billavista and Buenos Aries. This was a humbling experience to see people living it these conditions, yet happy with the life God has given them, and able to overcome obstacles that we will never face. Jesus said in Mark 12:29-30 the second greatest commandment after “Love the Lord your God” was “Love your neighbor as yourself”. If we truly do this we have the ability to make all of the world our neighbors by helping people like the ones I met in Peru and people like the ones in Haiti that are so desperate need for help just to survive.  

The only question now is what does he have in store for me next. I am waiting with anxious anticipation for the answer to my next prayer.    


P.S. I just found out that I have been accepted to go on a Work and Witness trip to Chile with a group of Nazarenes from Chicago. Another prayer answered. Thank the Lord.

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  1. February 28, 2010 2:25 pm

    Glad to hear the trip went well for you, sounds like quite the experience!

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