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Peru Day Eight

February 14, 2010

January 17, 2010

The Church is finished and we are done working for this trip. We packed up our gear and donated many of our clothes to the village. Most of the air mattress we brought along were given to the Garmans for future teams to use. One of the children had a pet Mahus, which is a small animal about the size of a hamster. It was brown with some light spots of its side and a short tail.

Pet Mahus

Finished Church

The inside of the church still smelled of fresh varnish so we asked to have the services outside the building. We moved all the benches to the front of the church where we had our Sunday morning service with the people from the village. Again there was a lot of singing in Spanish. The band was a native drum played by the local pastor.

Church Service with the Local Pastor

The Band

After the church service Dr. Garman conducted a dedication of the church building. We were introduced and each given a necklace made by the pastors wife as a thank you gift. Some of the local women them gave us each a bracelet. These were made from local nuts found in the forest. I also purchased a small carving of a Sloth carved from a nut called vegetable ivory and another necklace made with nuts and Piranha teeth.

Church Dedication

We were offered a short trip in a Pecky-Pecky boat up the river to see more of the reserve. Several of the team went but I was still tired from the work the previous days so I chose to stay in the village and relax. I wandered around the village and found several flowering trees growing here. When they returned we loaded the boats and headed back down the river. When we got to the National Reserve entrance we had to stop and sigh out of the reserve. After that it was back down the Maranon River to the boat dock in the town of Nauta where we left the week before.

Flowers in the Village

Pecky-Pecky Boat

We unloaded the boats and found a bus waiting there for the trip back to Iquotis. The other boat ran out of gas just down the river and we had to wait for it to get gas. There was a small market and a store here near the river. We were able to buy cold drinks for the first time in a week. The other good news was that the bus was air-conditioned, which made the three-hour trip back to Iquotis a pleasure.

The Bus to Iqutios Back in Iquitos

Once we got to the Hotel Europa in Iquotis, it was unload the bus, check in and take a shower. That felt so good I took another shower and lay down on a real bed and took a nap. After that we went out for Chinese food and then off to bed.

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