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Peru Day Five

February 4, 2010

Up at daylight, I slept well, when there is no electric or TV you go to bed at dark and wake up at daylight. Breakfast was one egg, yucca root and fried bananas.

We went to work and everything went well. The church was finished by early afternoon along with pews for the people to set on. God blessed us as we finished on time and there were no injuries. We went swimming in the river with the kids from the village and everyone had a good time.

DSCN0385-1.jpg picture by ktmtrailrider DSCN0443-1.jpg picture by ktmtrailrider

In the afternoon the Pastors were asked if they would perform a baptism for some of the villagers. We lined up along the Tigre River and over twenty people showed up to be baptized. It makes the mission worthwhile just to see the dedication and commitment the people have to Jesus Christ and the Church.

DSCN0388-1.jpg picture by ktmtrailrider DSCN0389-1-1.jpg picture by ktmtrailrider

We wondered how the local people made a living. We found that the people went out into the jungle and found fruit, bananas and wild animals such as wild pig. There was a nut like fruit called Aquajia (A-guah-hay) that was in season, and we found them in piles in one of the open-air buildings. Later in the day a barge or boat stopped and they loaded several large sacks of these on the boat. We were told that sometimes a broker comes up river to buy them and sometimes they take them on the boat down river and sell them in Iqutios or Nauta.

DSCN0392-1.jpg picture by ktmtrailrider DSCN0376-1.jpg picture by ktmtrailrider

We also found a boat maker working on a large wooden boat in an open-air building. The boat looked to be about thirty feet long and six feet wide. We were told it sometimes takes several years to build a boat this size. We did see a number of dugout canoes parked along the river. Many of the villagers use these to fish daily for their food.

DSCN0359-1-1.jpg picture by ktmtrailrider DSCN0358-1.jpg picture by ktmtrailrider

On the evening the villagers came up with some lights and we used the generator to power them for a Church service and dedication of the building. It started with singing, in Spanish, so we did our best. The youth team from Minnesota did a small skit. The local Pastor conducted a short sermon, Doctor Garmon dedicated the church, and we all thanked the Lord for a successful conclusion this part of the Mission.

DSCN0396-1.jpg picture by ktmtrailrider DSCN0394-1.jpg picture by ktmtrailrider

It’s off to bed and on to the next village tomorrow.

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