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Peru Day Three

January 28, 2010
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January 12, 2010
Up in the morning with breakfast at 7:00 AM. We load all of our luggage on top of a bus and head out for the town of Nauta, one hundred kilometers south of Iquitos. It is the only road out-of-town and only goes to Nauta.

We get 30 Kilometers from Nauta and the clutch goes out on the bus. So we wait around and soon another bus comes along which is full. We were told that  it’s OK just load the luggage on the top of the bus and get on. So we did. The bus was ment to carry 24 people and there were 48 of us on the bus. We were told this is typical travel in Peru.

DSCN0285.jpg Packed Bus picture by ktmtrailrider

We make it to the dock in Nauta on the Maranon River. We unload the luggage and carry it down a broken down dock to the boat launch where it is loaded on two boats for the trip up the river.

DSCN0291.jpg Dock to boat landing image by ktmtrailrider

We still didn’t have all of the government permits needed to go to one of the locations in a National Preserve. We wait, use the restroom for one Sole each, and buy our last cold drink at a store. In a couple of hours the permit comes and we are off.

DSCN0311.jpg Up the River image by ktmtrailrider

This is a six or seven hour trip up the Maranon River to the Tigre River to the village of  Bellavista (Beautiful View). About half way we stop at a house to use the rest rooms. The Maranon river is up to a mile wide and moves very fast for a big river. It is jungle on both sides of the river with an occasional village along the bank. The Tigre river is only about one quarter of a mile wide. We were told this is the dry season and the river was at a low-level. During the rainy season the river will rise thirty to thirty-five feet.

DSCN0309.jpg image by ktmtrailrider

But as before, only a half-mile short of our goal, trouble with the boat motor. It seems they forgot the oil for the 2 cycle motor, so we drift over to the shore and tie up to a tree. Now we have to wait for the other boat to unload and come back to give us oil to finish the journey. A couple of Prayers and all is well, we make it to the village and get out gear set up just before dark.

DSCN0334.jpg Village of Bello Bista image by ktmtrailrider           DSCN0337.jpg image by ktmtrailrider    DSCN0320.jpg Local children image by ktmtrailrider

We have a little time to start work on the church. The locals have started by building a couple of the trusses. We eat some supper, a chicken wing, rice and fried bananas, then it’s off to bed.

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