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Off to Peru

January 6, 2010

Well it’s off to Peru on Sunday, January 10, 2010. Here is what I know about the trip. I will meet a group of Nazarenes from Ohio, in Miami, on Sunday. We all fly from there to Lima in the afternoon. We arrive in Lima in the evening. There we catch a plane to Iquitos. We fly over the Andes to the Northeast of Lima. If you look at Google Earth You will find Iquitos in the northeastern part of Peru, south of Columbia and west of Brazil.

We will arrive there Monday morning and spend the day there. Iquitos is an interesting city in that it has almost a half million people, but there are no roads to the town. All of the people, cars and trucks there must come there by airplane or by boat up the Amazon River.

After spending the night on Monday we will board a Bus, which goes south about three hours to the town of Nauta. There we board a boat, which will go up the Amazon River to the Tigre River. This is about a six-hour trip. From there we will meet with the local Missionary and team up with teams from the area where we will work together to build two churches. This will be like a camping trip with no electricity or running water.

The second place where we are building (Buenos Aires) is actually located within a government preserve where they are protecting the paiche fish and the cayman alligators. It is an area where people can only enter with permission, and few tourists ever get to go there. However, the church people have worked it out so we can take a one-day trip into the reserve area. It should be very interesting.

I am looking foreword to the adventure and pray for a successful and safe trip. All of your prayers will be appreciated.

P. S. Anyone that would be willing to share their mission adventures or experiences in doing Gods work would be welcome. If you have a similar blog send me a link.

Thanks and God Bless

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  1. Sue Bailey permalink
    January 25, 2010 4:31 pm

    How exciting! Pastor Bev passed on your site and reading your account helped me realize that I’ve not been doing something I’ve always wanted to do…which is “do some mission work in a foreign country”…we lived and worked in many different countries during our working life but in most of the locations we were unable to speak freely about our faith…so, how did you get connected to a group that is doing God’s work in foreign lands…

    • January 28, 2010 7:52 pm

      Our Church of the Nazarene in Michigan went with a group from Ohio to Honduras in 2004. The leader of that trip invited me to go to peru. The Nazarene Church in the US sponsor hunderds of trips a year all over the world. You can find them listed on their website.

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